Therapy Services

Communication happens every minute of every day.  Therefore, it is important for me to work alongside others who know your child best in order to maximise his/her potential.  I have years of experience of coaching parents and other care givers in ways to promote and enable the child to communicate successfully.


I offer a range of assessment and therapy sessions within the familiar environments of home, school or nursery. 



Assessment and reviews can take various formats depending on the current needs of the child and/or requirements of the assessment report. Please see fees for families for further details of prices of assessment sessions and report writing.


My aim is to discuss the best possible package to meet the individual needs of each family.  I prefer to work in blocks of therapy as this gives us a timeframe to achieve goals and reflect on progress to plan next steps.  After each block we will discuss if another block of therapy is required or whether the child would benefit from a short therapy break to consolidate skills.  I charge families sessional fees rather than an hourly rate therefore, each visit will last between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the attention of the child and will include indirect liaison with relevant caregivers. 


Please see fees for families for details of costs.


COVID-19 has required me to work remotely via teletherapy.  This has enabled me to explore various new ways of working and it has proven to have positive benefits.  Therefore, I now offer teletherapy options.

Online Therapy Packages 

Package 1: Online parent coaching therapy

This is payable in advance at the normal session rate with a discount for a block of 6 sessions.  The advantages of this package for some families is the ease of accessing therapy advice via indirect coaching methods at a time that suits both without the child being physically present. The format tends to work best if parents send video clips of their child in advance, which we can then watch together and analyse how the child is responding and communicating.  Then I can coach parents to try therapy techniques to encourage their child's communication skills.  This is particularly beneficial for children who are pre-verbal or at the early stages of language development.


Package 2:  Online therapy sessions

This package allows me to work directly with your child via a video link using interactive screen sharing of Apps and other digital resources.  Similarly, this is payable in advance at the normal session rate or discounted block of 6 sessions. 

Please see fees for families for details of costs. NB The absence of travel costs is an obvious financial saving.

We contacted Annette and she offered us a block of parent coaching sessions over Zoom.  Immediately Annette set us at ease and alleviated the panic by explaining some of the difficulties she could witness in L's communication and giving us (and nursery) strategies we could immediately implement to help her improve... We can't wait to see further improvements in the coming months!

L's mum, Swindon (June 2020)

We are in such a better place now and seeing so much progress with L; I think a lot of that stems from Annette and her ideas.

L's mum, Swindon (December 2020)

Due to Covid 19 my son wasn’t able to attend speech and language therapy but kindly we were offered a zoom session with Annette McLaren. I was a bit sceptical to start with as I couldn’t imagine how my son is going to connect with some stranger over video conversations. Annette proved herself to be an amazing therapist. Very professional, interesting , engaging sessions have helped my son so much that even the nursery said it is a different child ! 

O's mum Tetbury

Face-to-face Therapy Packages*

*a risk assessment will be carried out prior to each face-to-face visit during the COVID-19 pandemic

The following packages are payable in advance at the normal session rate with a discount for a block of 6 or 8 sessions. Face-to-face sessions may take place in the home, child-minder, nursery or school setting or a mixture of all settings. Please see fees for families for details of costs. NB I will agree travel costs in advance and all sessions in a block must be used up within a 4 month period.

Package 3: Introduction of PECS (Please see PECS info​ for more details)

If appropriate to the needs of your child, this specialist package is generally booked as an intensive block of 8 sessions over 5/6 weeks in the home setting. The package also includes bespoke laminated pictures and a PECS book.  Ideally 2 adults should be present to work with the child during the introduction of this therapy approach. Once the child has successfully achieved the basics of this approach, therapy package 4 may be offered to continue working on PECS on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Package 4: Regular/ ongoing therapy

This is generally booked as a block of 6 discounted sessions in school or nursery and works well as either 6 weekly sessions per half term or 6 fortnightly over 2 half terms.  However, home visits can also be carried out to provide ongoing therapy input.


NB Monthly therapy visits are not available at a discounted rate so will be invoiced at the sessional rate prior to each visit. 

Package 5: HALF AND HALF

A block of therapy, which is a combination of 50% online sessions and 50% face-to-face sessions can also be offered.  For example, I may visit the child at nursery for 3 sessions and do some parent coaching for 3 evening video sessions.  This is particularly beneficial for children who are already using PECS or other augmentative communication systems such as signing or those who are at the early stages of language development.

Alternatively, I may alternate between face-to-face nursery/school visits and teletherapy sessions with the child in the home setting to ensure that therapy targets are kept up to date in both settings.

Schools Work


I currently work in several schools to provide a high quality and bespoke package of Specialist Speech and Language Therapy for identified children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). 


I have years of experience of working within both special and mainstream schools and have a collaborative approach.  I enjoy working with the SEND teams in schools to identify needs and differentiate the curriculum to allow the child to reach their potential.

Speech and Language Therapy input can be arranged and funded directly by schools/ LEA.


If you are enquiring from a school or SEN office please contact me to discuss requirements, costs and contractual agreements.