What others have said...

Annette is extremely professional, knowledgable and more importantly devoted to helping our daughter, E to reach her potential. Annette has liaised with the school and myself really well in this time and ensured the tasks ( E's programme ) is achievable and allows growth. 


E loves going to see Annette and she quickly created this trust and bond between them.


E's mother, Luckington 

“Annette made everyone feel at ease and we all feel we gained a lot from the training”


SENCo, Pre-school

J has progressed really well with PECS since seeing Annette, gaining a better understanding of choices - how to make them and becoming fully aware of the actual choice he's made - as well as building three part sentences, describing exactly what he wants, such as certain coloured or shaped objects.  Using PECS, alongside some basic signs learnt from school and Speech and Language,  has allowed J to communicate much more than we thought could be possible!

                                    J's mum, Swindon

Annette has been working with our son for just over a year.  He quickly built up a good relationship with her and really looks forward to her visits and what she might bring in her bag!  Annette has been a great support to us, both in terms of offering advice and suggestions in relation to our son's language development and also in terms of providing resources and activities that have engaged him and really helped to develop his language skills and ability to structure sentences.  We are very grateful for all Annette's help and support.

O's mum and dad, Purton

Annette has been working with my son for a number of weeks now, focusing on particular areas of concern. She has worked alongside the school and his NHS S&L Therapist and liaised with all the members of his support team.  Annette has been brilliant, starting to unlock the potential in him that we know is in there! 

H's Mother, Crudwell

“I felt that Annette showed a high degree of ability and skill in managing the cases. This was always enormously helpful to myself and my colleagues.”

Dr Sharma,

Consultant Paediatrician


I can't thank Annette enough for how she's helped my boy find his voice. Since introducing PECS L's speech has improved immensely and hopefully this will carry on.  Lovely person and very easy to talk to as she loves to see your child succeed as much as you.   

                          L's mother, South Cerney

Annette has been very helpful: thanks to her support, in just 2 months our son has improved a lot in his communication skills.  She is also always nice and our son is looking forward to seeing her again!

A's dad, Chippenham

We decided to get in contact with Annette as we felt G was struggling with his speech and language. We were amazed with the amount of passion and care Annette put into each and every session with G. Very quickly we saw a huge improvement. G can now say some simple sentences which was such as struggle before. We would like to thank Annette for everything she's done for G and us as a family.

G's parents, Lyneham