SOCIAL COMMUNICATION ASSESSMENT - £210 (includes telephone and email consultations with significant adults; one or two visits as required to make a full assessment of child's communication skills in different settings and a written emailed conclusion of the findings)

NB for a full ASD Assessment please see:


INITIAL ASSESSMENT - £110 (includes information gathering from significant adults, one visit to assess child at home/ nursery or school)

FOLLOW UP REVIEW - £80 (includes telephone and email consultation to discuss current needs; one visit to re-assess child’s communication skills OR to discuss targets/ strategies used by significant adults)

DIAGNOSTIC THERAPY SESSION - £80 (if your child has recently been assessed by another therapist, a diagnostic session can be carried out to identify needs and plan therapy)


WRITTEN REPORTS (following assessment or therapy, if a report is required for any purpose, an additional charge will be added to the cost of the assessment.  This will be agreed with you in advance)


STANDARD REPORT - £30 (this may serve as a record of assessment with recommendations or as a summary of progress during therapy)

FULL/ DETAILED REPORT - £50 / £100/ £350 (this may be offered for diagnostic purposes or to contribute to an EHCP or for legal work.  The cost will depend on the purpose and requirements of the report and will be agreed with you in advance)



SPECIALIST THERAPY PACKAGE TO INTRODUCE PECS / OTHER ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS - £560  (these are payable in advance and are specifically for children who need a Picture Exchange Communication System - PECS, and/ or visual supports/ prompt cards etc. This price includes:

8 visits over a 3 month period (£480)

*PECS book with 6 pages (£40)

custom made pictures and other resources such as visual timetables (£40)

*(optional - you may prefer to make your own)

BLOCK OF 6 THERAPY VISITS - £360 (these are payable in advance and may take place in the home, nursery or school on a weekly or fortnightly basis only)

THERAPY VISITS - £65 EACH (these may take place in the home, nursery or school on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as agreed)