Schools work

Speech and Language Therapy input is sometimes requested as part of the Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP) and can be arranged and funded directly by schools/ LEAs.


If you are enquiring from a school or SEN office please contact me to discuss requirements, costs and contractual agreements.


For schools work, I charge an hourly rate rather than sessional rate as this covers both direct therapy input with the child/ group of children as well as indirect work associated with the therapy input (e.g. liaison time with T.A. or class teacher, planning time and admin tasks such as case notes and report writing).  The predicted costs will be discussed and agreed with you in advance, and is payable termly in arrears.  


Contractual Agreement

A contractual agreement will be drawn up to meet your requirements and must be signed and dated prior to any therapy input taking place.

Please contact me to discuss further:

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